Xbox Series X 1 TB

Xbox series X enjoy games with new and better gaming experience.

X box Series X

The Xbox series has given us so many amazing games to play that we have enjoyed a lot playing on Xbox. When Xbox series x came in the market it had been through a lot of discussion among the people who play games on Xbox and are the regular game player of the series. As a matter of fact when it was launched there were some feature that were missing in it. And it seemed that it did not come with the same effect in the market as its previous versions had.

Back in 2020 the developers had made lot of improvements in the Xbox series x to meet the requirements of the users and also to maintain their previous legacy.

Was there any real issue with the Xbox series x in its features?

With all these discussions going on that Xbox series x had issues regarding its features that does not mean that it comes with missing features. Actually, when it was launched it was very difficult to handle with the latest technology of the Microsoft and with real competition in the market as the Ps5 was also launched with the same effect. When users get any choice there is so much possibility that you are going off track and it forces you to think like that it had some features missing in it.

After one year of the Xbox series x launch they had updated it so much that now you can enjoy a much better playing experience on the Xbox. One of their updates made it use the similar type of interface as they gave to Xbox one. With this interface it is now very satisfying that now you will feel much more comfortable to play on Xbox.

Hardware compatibility of the Xbox series x

If you have been playing games on the previous Xbox series you should know that it is very compatible when it is concerned with hardware. Same is the case with Xbox series x they had made it with all their hardware experience that makes its performance lighting quick. And hardware compatibility also makes to perform equally well on playing older games versions and also the latest versions on the any kind of pc or the devices you are using.

We know that these kinds of gaming pc’s always spend a lot of money that they reach up to thousands of dollars. But for the users comfort and to save your money Microsoft had developed another version of the Xbox series x this version is named as Xbox series xs. This new version has reduced the price to a much lower extent and made it easy for the users to enjoy playing more games on the Xbox.

Play games with the Xbox pass for better gaming experience.

The Xbox series x has not the exclusive number of the games if you are going to compare it with the Ps5. yet you can enjoy playing games with the same number of games in the Xbox library if you have the Xbox pass. This game pass has a monthly subscription, but you will get the advantage of playing hundreds of the free games as well with that game pass. So, for the better playing experience and for playing more games you should have to pay Xbox series x game pass.

You can Play and enjoy Forza 6 on your Xbox and also can get bundles of forza 6.

The design of the Xbox series x

Before going to the design of Xbox series X one thing that you should know is that developers had made it as the most unique body and shape style. It is very silent while playing and also does not emit as much heat out as the Xbox one.

The upright tower style of the Xbox Series X, though it can also be arranged horizontally, is more akin to a desktop gaming PC than its predecessors. The cuboid-shaped console is matte black on the outside and green on the interior of the recessed cooling vents on top. This inventive addition improves the appearance of the console. It has dimensions of 15.1 x 15 x 30.1cm and weighs 4.45kg. With all these features and the unique design, the Xbox series x provides you one of the best gaming experiences.

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