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What Liquor Specs Everything You Know About This.

liquor specs

Liquor Specs is the business of the drinks or beverages that contain minimum 1% of alcohol in it. The bunnies were originally owned by a family in Taxes; they also had a headquarters of the company in Midtown Houston.

Spec Jackson in 1962 opened a store in the Houston. Spec Jackson has a wife named Carolyn Jackson but spec Jackson wants to work and earn so much for his wife without working much. The name liquor Specs is after his nickname. Speck invested $70000 for the opening of his liquor shop.

Start Of Liquor Specs.

start of specs.

In start Spec Jackson only made beer and sold it locally in his shop in Houston only and after the ten years he thought to increase his business by increasing the number of his liquor shops for that he has selected almost top ten locations around Houston to expand his business.

In the later part of year 1996 Spec Jackson the owner of the Specs Liquor Chain died and his daughter and her husband take over the business because of the new ownership and new business mind they have developed good relationship with the customers and have their feedback about their own liquor products for the betterment of the chain. Soon after in 2002 they had more than 29 items in liquor and also 476 shops around the Houston city.

Expansion Of Specs

Spec’s daughter in 2008 decided to expand the number of shops outside Greater Hoston and she opened his first outside Houston shop at galveston. After that her husband thought that they should have more outside Houston shops as the galveston store was much appreciated by the people so the Liquor Specs had opened a new shop at Live Oak. The live Oak and Galveston shops proved that they had to open more shops of the company in the different cities and due to this they had eight consecutive best liquor awards.

About Ownership of the Company.

Spec Jackson was the founder and first owner of the company after his death Lindy Rydman; his daughter is the president of the Liquor Specs and her husband John Redmyn operates the specs. The company had a foundation for the purpose to provide help in providing education to poor children; it was made after the death of spec Jackson in 1996. For the betterment of the business of the company they also arrange an annual function at Houston for Liquor Tasting especially the wine and they take it as feedback for developing the good taste.

Liquor Specs Shops Locations.

At the end of 2013 the company owned almost 165 shops in different cities. They had a maximum number of shops in the greater Houston area but as of 2015 they had a number of shops in a number of cities. The location of the largest shop of the Liquor Specs is 5500-square-foot Fort Worth Braynt Irvin. And the company has 6 to7 more cities locations for their stores.

Shop #00 in Downtown as their main Branch.

The biggest shop of the company is of 83000-square-feet at The Greater Houston location called a #00 shop downtown) having 4000-square-feet retail office area as well including the thermal controlling room for wine and management offices as well.As the end of 2012 the Liquor Specs had 200 working employees so they had also a training room for them.

#00 Downtown store has main production of wine so it has 1500-square-feet storage room for the wine it also has 95-square-feet beer cooking room and cigar making 5 rooms and the great fact about this houston store is that it has 21000 special food keeping store rooms. As now the company has a number of food items as their products except the liquor products the company has 1000 units for the making of American cheese crackers. The specialty food Magazine once said the #00 Downtown store, also known as mothership store by the Rydman is the Biggest single wine and Liquor store in the world.

This was actually expanded to double its original size in 2000’s for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the John Rydman. About this size of the store, Rydman said that it is not sufficient for the proper production of the products of the company.


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