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What is Kings Theater Glasgow

kings theatre Glasgow,

One of the most beautiful pieces of art made in 1904 in Glasgow is the Kings Theater Glasgow. Since 1904 it has hosted the biggest stars and dramas ever made.

Kings Theatre Glasgow is the most beautiful and also is a masterclass of art in Scotland. People go and enjoy their favorite shows and you can also check what’s playing on and can book online tickets of their favorite shows from What’s On Glasgow.

The theater is almost the home of Stanley Baxter, Jimmy Logan, Rikki Folton, Jack Mallory and Grand Kelly all these Scottish greats have been featured in the hundreds of shows in the Kings Theater Glasgow.

Kings Theater Glasgow the Host of Culture Events in Europe.

 Kings Theater Glasgow,

The Kings Theater Glasgow had been a great stage for most of the groups of people performing in it and also hosted open wedding ceremonies and lots of cultural events in Europe in the 1990. All these events and shows were also much appreciated by the Great audience of the Kings Theater Glasgow.

The management of  the great Kings Theater Glasgow was handed over to Ambassador Theater group in September 2002 to continue the supremacy of entertaining shows, dramas, dancing shows and comedy shows.

Design of the Theater.

Famous architect Frank Mat ham designed the building by using the corner location to a good effect. The Theatre was built with  £50000 which now equals  £2.5 million.

After world war 2 lots of changes happened around the building as a facade facing  bath street gives a mixed look of different arts. A two side sitting area as a pavilion was made near the facing bath street.

The theater was designed to provide a four stage sitting arrangement for the audience as a gallery upper round grand round and stalls. Matcham has made  such a great design for theater that it has less number of pillars especially near the sitting area so that it has a clear view from each and every part of the stage to everyone present in the theater. 1785 people can sit and enjoy the shows in the theater.

Bath street was extended near the western side because new offices were constructed like a change room for artists and a stage door for entering. The Kings theater Glasgow also underwent another changing period in 2008 when it was internally made new to restore the glory of the theater.

History of the Theater.

There are three transfer seats and also five wheelchair seats are arranged in stalls and sitting areas of the theater. An infrared sound system is equipped in the theater for the people with hearing problems. This audio system can be accessed by headsets as well. People with guides and hearing dogs are all in the theater.

 Most Popular Shows Hosted by The Theater.

The Kings Theater Glasgow has witnessed many of the world’s great events and shows over the time some major events and shows are as.

Half Past Eight shows that were introduced in the 1930’s were the most entertaining shows in the history of the Theater.

A wish for Jamie in 1964 was the theater’s first panto show.

The Royal Silver Jubilee of the queen also hosted the theater in 1977.

The opening ceremonies of Europe in 1990 were also hosted by the Theater.

2008 was the revolutionary year for the theater as time to complete the Commonwealth games to be scheduled to be held in 2014.

Once the stalls were used to serve tea during the show breaks in the theater.


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