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What is Forza 6? why is it so famous?

forza 6

Forza 6 motorsport is a famous car racing game that was launched in 2015 and has been one of the Xbox and play station games. You have been playing so many car racing games over the years but this game is one the best cars racing games ever. When you sit and play the Forza 6 motorsport then you realize that this one of the most attractive pieces of video games engineering.

This game includes hundreds of the cars and about 30 to 40 different racing tracks that are offered in game and these tracks make it more and more interesting. Because these types of racing games people often get bored due to watching and playing the same kind of track every time, but this game offers you a variety of tracks and cars with different racing features.

The main features of Forza 6 motorsport

forza 6

There are so many things to talk about the forza 6 but the most important and the attractive feature that you see in this game are as:
You can play with almost 20 plus cars at 60 undisturbed frames at a time. The main thing for those who have been following this game from day one is that in Forza 6 all improvements have been made that Forza 5 doesn’t have.

Because it was often said by the game players that the Forza 5 had so many disturbed features to be fixed and these upgrades have been done by the developers in this series. And same was the case with the tracks in forza 5 that it contains a limited number of tracks in it but in this you have got a variety of tracks to play.

Additions in the Forza 6 that were not seen in the previous versions?

There have been so many updates that have been made in the Forza 6 motorsport by the developers. These include the inclusion of many track updates in the racing features of the cars like boosters etc. And the most attractive of all is the colorful tracks sideboards and the beautiful streetlights on the tracks makes it more fun while playing the game.

One of the new circuits is a colorful portrayal of Rio de Janeiro’s streets, and fan favorites like Brands Hatch and Monza make their Forza debut. So, you are going to see lots of updates in the Forza 6 motorsport then the previous versions.

The handling features of the game

forza 6

In all these motor racing games the main role play is of the handle by which we play the game. So talking about the handling features in the Forza 6 motorsport are much better than all others in the series. Forza 6’s handling has been improved and is consistent with previous installments in the series. Forza has always favored a satisfyingly controlled rear-wheel slide because of its strong sense of weight and speed, careful choice of assistance, and strong sense of weight and speed.

So, these handling updates are so amazing that they have made these games more and more interesting from all other racing games and also from all previous versions of this particular game as well.

Some extra facts about the forza 6 game

There are many other things to talk about forza 6 because by the day the game has been launched it has become the icon of cars racing games. The game includes around 450 autos from over 100 manufacturers, 26 racing tracks, and over 100 ribbons.

It also has a brand-new night racing element that increases the difficulty and authenticity of the racing experience. This game also allows you to play and enjoy the game as a single player and also you can enjoy with friends and family by playing the game in multiplayer mode as well. So, if you have that craze of playing car racing games with much updated features then Forza 6 motorsport is the complete package for you to play.

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