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What is a Fire Station and How it Works in the USA?

fire station

In everyday life we deal in many businesses which use lots of energy in the form of electricity, chemical energy and the heat energy produced by burning of wood coal and different types of glasses as well. In all this there is a solid danger to the things that could be on fire at any time. Many types of factories that are running on electricity and working on gas.

There is a chance of getting fired by short circuits and by other misuse of things accidentally. To overcome this danger or the sudden situation of emergency there are Fire Stations established to tackle these types of emergencies on time. Typically, a Fire Station is defined as a firehouse where almost all types of equipment’s are available to the trained persons called as fire fighters these firefighters use all these fire brigades to overcome the emergency fire around.

Tools present in a typical Fire Station

tools at fire stations

In a fire station we recruit the trained persons that are able to use all the fire extinguishers and all the water trucks or the carbon monoxide containers. These carbon monoxide containers are used to control the fire spread by the short circuit because the water cannot be used on the fire caused by the electricity. These firehouses and the firefighters are trained to response in the emergency situations quickly by calling them on emergency numbers.

About its Buildings and How it Works in the USA

Old Vehicles at fire station

In America the Fire Station’s buildings are variable in shape size and their overall designs because they build these firehouses on the needs of the community they are established in and the chances of the fire over there. Typically these firehouses are built with the following things.

  1. A vast area of the building is for staff and for administration.
  2. Area for the fire brigades and other emergency vehicles.
  3. A big water tank for the storage of water.
  4. Carbon monoxide’s storage area.
  5. A training center for the new tarines and they also give a little bit of the education to their public so that they can also handle some emergency situations if the firefighters can not reach to them in time.
  6. And the other emergency equipment storage area if needed.

How these fire stations are located in the USA.

In the United States of America they usually select a location for the Fire Station where they can easily reach almost every location of the city on time. These locations make sure that there will be less traffic right in front of the firehouse so that if they hurry with their vehicle they should easily reach their area of the danger or to the destination. Because when an emergency call came the these firehouses they respond to it very quickly with all their equipments and all the things that can be used while an emergency.

Community training or education programmed by the USA’s FireHouses

Central Fire Station

Here in the USA in every fire Station there is a public education center or the emergency training for the local public is given. The main purpose for this emergency education to the public is for if they have had a situation and the firefighters cannot reach the place on time, they can handle things by himself to save the precious lives. And they also give special education for the safety of children to save them from the fire and from the other road accidents as well.

You can check more about US Fire Administration from Official Website.

How they call these firefighters in the United States

People in the United States can contact a fire station in numerous ways:

In the event of an emergency, people can contact 911, which is the universal emergency number in the United States. When someone dials 911, they are connected to the nearest emergency response center, which dispatches the necessary emergency personnel, including firemen.

Fire stations also provide non-emergency phone lines that consumers may contact to inquire about non-emergency services like a home safety assessment or the installation of smoke alarms. On the website of the fire department or in local directories, you may find these phone numbers.

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