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Twitch Logs banned the open chats to be read by the people why?

twitch logs
twitch logs

In the modern world the fast internet service has brought people together from all over the world in many ways, one of them is online gaming. And the most interesting thing about these games is that they have become social and contain the chat box. Also, many people share the online videos and live streaming of these games where people can chat with each other also. In all these games, Twitch Logs is the major website that provides an open platform for these online gaming’s and the many people watch other people game play.

So you can say that is the website that creates an online cinema for the public from all over the globe and one or two or multiple persons play and share their game and the rest watch it like the audience. The one different thing is that anyone can chat and talk while playing this game play so is a type of entertainment where you can watch your favorite game play and also can interact with many other people.

As you are using Twitch logs chat and everything looks so easy but it is not as simple as you think because sometimes the famous game players will charge you to join their online game stream and sometimes they remove you from the stream for some reason if you are behaving or using bad language during live watch.

People ask that they use Twitch Logs for chat in 2023

twitch logs chat

As so many people use the twitch logs websites to chat and watch online gaming without knowing that these websites collect all the data of these chats during the online gaming and the users did not know this that is why some of these websites had been banned from streaming online by the Twitch Logs official departments. But still if you are wondering about old twitch chats to read or watch the videos that were streamed before there is a website named You can find many chats on it because this website has not been updated in a year or two. So, you can read chats on it before it gets banned by the official Twitch Logs.

Twitch Logs got banned.


There are hundreds of Channels by the top streamers that had regular online streams but looking at the chat history of these gamers you will find that these chats had a content that is vulgar and should not be in the people’s access. This is the main reason that the Twitch Logs officials had banned these gaming channels to go live. There are almost 900 top streamers that have been banned due to the immoral content on them. And this type of immoral content is used to troll people or to make some vulgar type of trends on these types of media websites that is why these have been banned by the logs website.

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How you can use Twitch logs websites to watch and read the chats

Many of these websites are banned but there are still many ways to use these Logs for reading chats and watch streams. On the Twitch logs website you can on the database of the website to read these older chats and also the top content makers still use these twitch websites to go live and share their games online and make the public chat on them. You just need to go to the chat box and put the username and password and you have access to these older chats. With all these things the Twitch logs provide information like these.

All the older chats are available on the website.
All the streams are also available with all the chats.
How many users are available and how many have been banned from the website.
How many times has any user been banned and reopened his account on the website?
How many are the followers of any user on the specific chat.

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