google pixel slate i5

The last detachable by google pixel slate i5 laptop

 google pixel slate i5

Google pixel slate i5 is the last detachable laptop of google and its people called it as the next level of the chrome OS. While the pixel Chromebook is somewhat expensive, the pixel slate ranges from $599 to $1000. This model features a 12.1-inch touchscreen with a detachable keyboard, which is also known as an optional keyboard. You must invest $100 if you want to utilize the keyboard. You may instead utilize the touchscreen as a tablet. This is why the Google Pixel Slate i5 model is commonly referred to be the company’s final detachable laptop model.

Looking at the features of the pixel slate the Chrome OS also comes into play by updating the system to a good effect. They have used some android features like auto recognized natural writing system and the inclusion of androids easy to use interface. These little updates have made the chrome OS very usable with an attractive interface to use but still can not beat the google pixel slate i5.

Compared to Chrome OS and Surface pro-6

Upon its release, some individuals compared the Google Pixel Slate i5 to the Surface Pro 6 laptop series and Chrome OS. Numerous people have remarked that the Pixel slate and Surface Pro 6 series are similar to some extinct, but when I tested the Pixel detachable, I discovered that using both the tablet and the board independently was a lot of fun.

Even while the seamless security of Chrome OS may be worth the same amount of money as a Surface Pro 6 or a genuinely good ultraportable laptop, we can only suggest a gadget to those who are willing to endure a rocky ride. So with all this comparison still the google pixel slate i5 is the best of all whether you see the price and the using features it has the unique qualities that separates it with all others.

Google pixel slate i5 features compared to its price.

This is the nature of every human being that when we have to buy something we make a little comparison with features and the price of that particular thing. The google pixel slate starts at a very affordable price of $599 and with the $100 saving option as well. This is because of its detachable keyboard costing $100. This optional key board helps those people who need to buy the pixel slate but they think that they have no use of that keyboard then it makes it more affordable for them to buy.

The design of the google pixel slate i5

Taking into account the Google Pixel Slate i5’s layout. It has a really lovely body, and the body material and form are both quite good, giving it a really lovely look. The Google Pixel Slate’s deep Midnight Blue color lends it a touch of elegance and makes it easy to fit into a contemporary workstation. The anodized aluminum chassis appears durable and trustworthy. Although the Google Pixel Slate i5 is frequently compared to the iPad Pro in terms of appearance, its body form and design really make it look rather attractive. The Pixel Slate tab weighs 1.6 pounds, which is considerably less than the Surface Pro’s 2.9 pounds with the keyboard attached.

What are the Port features of the google pixel slate i5?

As previously said, The Google Pixel Slate i5’s port features are equally as enticing as the rest of its features. On social media, a lot of people made the assumption that Apple will follow the lead of the Google Pixel Slate, which was marketed to include two Type C USB connections. Its feature makes it more desirable to me than the iPad Pro and Surface Pro versions since type C ports are hard to come across. easy and long lasting life than any other type of USB ports. And this type of port in the laptop is just amazing to have this feature in the laptop.

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