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Earning by playing video games:-

Let’s take a quick look at the ways you can earn money by playing video games. It isn’t an easy way to earn money online. Many people have earned money through this way but many have failed too. Many people started it after the months or years they quit because it didn’t work for them. They have wasted a lot of time playing games for money and trying hard to earn. Here are some ways you can earn money by playing video games.

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By Live Streaming.

You can earn money by playing video games. Make the video while playing games and stream it to live platforms in real time. Make video tutorials to guide others. Build a large series of videos and engage the audience with your content. Make people your subscribers. They should remain engaged with your channel. The best platforms for live streaming are and But capturing viewers is not an easy task.

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Why is it very hard to get viewers’ traffic on streaming?

Live streaming itself is not a hard task. Anyone can stream their videos online. But getting viewers is a very hard task. Probably you will not get 10 regular viewers for months. You will not be able to build a traffic of 100 viewers for a very long time. I might be wrong but it is what it is. You will need to build a regular traffic of thousands of viewers. Online streaming is very saturated now. Very vast number of gamers have their streams on platforms now. very popular streamers are already there. Why will anyone watch your content/video? Make unique videos to a certain extent which will differentiate you from a very oversaturated platform. Animate your videos with fun graphics. Make your videos fun to watch or add some comic content to your videos. Saturate your stream with very good quality of sound effects. 

Where to start from ?

The entry point or where you can start from. All you need is a good computing device such as a computer or mobile phone where you can play games and then record videos while playing. You can play games and capture videos on mobile phones and then videos can be edited on computer software’s. Make them interesting to watch. You can edit on mobile phones also. Make sure you have a computing device which can handle the pace and graphics of that video game.

earn by videos

Gaming Journalism:-

Try to write about your experience with video games. What you feel about it. You can write articles on the games and share your thoughts with others through  websites. You can create your own websites or there are websites where you can write. Try to write about the stats of the games and latest news about games. Answer the frequently asked questions. There are many website FAQs such as It will need a lot of time and very good writing skills.

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Videos tutorials

You can guide others with your video tutorials. Many popular gamers are now making video guides for newcomers. New gamers love to learn the way expert players are playing games now. They want to learn how to progress in the popular games.

Podcast hosting or creating a youtube channel:-

You can earn money by hosting a podcast or creating your own youtube channel. Make videos on a daily basis and stream them on your youtube channel or you can host podcast shows on daily, weekly or monthly. Your content can be monetized with ads, sponsorships and other ways of youtube monetization

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