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Do Dogs need Rex Specs For Eye Protection?

rex specs
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The first question came to one’s mind is why Rex Specs for your dog’s eye protection and this is frequently asked by many people and you will get the answer in this article. Here I am giving you five reasons why you should use these for your dog’s eye protection.

Protection from ultraviolet rays.

rex specs and UV rays Protection
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At very high altitudes, the bright sunlight brings more ultraviolet rays down, which is the reason for the creation of the Rex Specs for the dogs eyes protection. As we know that if the eyes are too much exposed to ultraviolet rays for too long it can lead to blindness.  As we all want our dogs to be with us during all the days, all the activities we do enjoy and we deny the fact that the UV rays are high during the day time and it can greatly affect the eyes of our pet dogs. My pet dog Yaz was prescribed to wear the goggles or sunglasses due to sunburn as all my activities were in the middle of the days when the sunlight is very bright and UV affected her eyes very badly.

Hunting Dogs Spend More Time Outside than At Home.

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My dearest friend Ben Kansas has been hunting with his dog for almost 16 years. He used so many glasses for his dog but then he bought Rex Specs for his dog for the eye protection because his dog has experienced two minor eye infections during the outside hunt but by using these glasses his dog is fully fit for the hunt anytime to go to the field

Dogs Should be Protected from the Sand.

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The dogs are kept at high altitude and when they go outside they have to face fast winds carrying lots of sand particles that affect eyes  very much along with UV coming with bright sunlight coming with great effect so these dogs need glasses for the eye protection.  Some of us went to the beach with our friends and also took our dogs with us too and there we became a bit careless that there is sand everywhere that can surely enter into the eyes of the dog. So he needs some goggles and for these types of environments Rex Specs are the best glasses for dogs eye protection.  So you can classify your dog as a beach bum, a hunter, a house pet or a jogging partner. He has a risk of an eye injury at some point so he needs this eye protection.

Pet dogs work the same as their Partners.

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As the launch of the Rex Specs company knows that people want a product that should be durable for the protection of hard working dogs. Ever Since then the US military and k-9s working also have used the Rex Specs for the eyes protection and also the K9 Piper is a good example who is a  border working coolie that is used to catch the birds and also tell people about safe landings and take off. The dogs used by the search teams also need the Rex Specs for their dogs as to protect the eyes from the smoke. The military men having the duties to safeguard the borders by petrol walks also use Rex Specs as there is a lot of dust and sand particles in those particular areas.

The Medical Necessity.

Some people have dogs that are blind or have long lasting allergies in eyes due to which dogs have lost one eye. These conditions often lead to restlessness in homes. People often send some amazing stories of the dogs that use Rex Specs because these glasses have given so many lives.

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So all the things that you use to protect the vision Rex Specs are the best eye care glasses for the pet dogs. By wearing these glasses your dogs can enjoy going out with you. These are the best eyewear that can protect from smoke, UV rays and dust as well.


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